• Moving out cleaning
  • Moving in cleaning
  • Rental property cleaning
  • Spring cleaning
  • Gift certificates
  • More...
Special Cleaning & Extra Services


  • Wash walls, ceilings, inside & outside of windows.
  • Move furniture to clean behind & under
  • Clean inside of oven or fridge
  • Take ornaments off walls
  • Roll up area rugs
  • Vacuum out air vents & clean*
  • Clean inside cabinets
  • Help organize your living space
  • ​More...
Additional Information
What We Don't Do
Regular Services
  • Arrangements can be made for house keys, security codes, etc....
  • Please remove all reptiles, loaded guns and weapons from areas we will be cleaning
  • ​If you are not home while we clean, our staff will lock the doors for security purposes.
  • Once you choose a service schedule we will maintain it for the quoted fee.  However, if you decide to change the frequency of the service there will be a change in the service fee.
  • *We ask that you provide the vacuum cleaner as needed.

If you are less than satisfied with our services, please let us know within 24 hours and we will gladly correct our errors.  

We expect you to be satisfied with our staff and services and welcome your comments, knowing that you will want to retain our services and tell your friends and family about us.

  • Remove pet waste or walk pets
  • Guarantee specific crew members
  • Accept parcel deliveries or answer phones
  • Receive any visitors in your home
  • Guarantee a time for your service​

                               Ask for details & more information...

Other Special Services
Call or text us:

  • We provide all the basic cleaning supplies, vacuum carpeting,* clean hardwood floors, dust furniture, dust window sills, sashes and blinds, 
  • Complete kitchens: counters, outside appliances, table & chairs, inside windows over sink, outside cabinets, inside of microwaves.
  • Dust Ceiling fans and low hanging lights, spot clean walls, clean glass doors (inside & out), make beds, clean bathrooms.​
  • ​Much more...